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Culture Club holds cultural tours appropriate for your child in Bucharest!

Choose one of our cultural tours!

Thematic cultural tour for kids in Bucharest

Suitable for: children with a passion for drawing, children eager to find out interesting facts about artist’s lives, children interested in colour balance and stories about Greek mythology heroes and gods.

History Lovers Cultural Tour

Suitable for: children interested in Romanian history, children curious to find out more about the Romanian rulers’ lives, our ancestors’ traditions and the legends about the foundation of Bucharest.

Little Explorer Cultural Tour

Suitable for: children interested in astronomy, curious to try unique experiences proper for their age, children with a special interest in the environment, eager to find out more about biodiversity.

Music Lovers Cultural Tour

Suitable for: children interested in music, children curious to learn more about the musicians’ lives and their wonderful compositions, children with the ability to communicate and interact with others.

Are you curious what happens during a cultural tour? 95 CULTURAL TOURS 935 ATTENDEES 459 KM WALKED IN MUSEUMS 315 HOURS SPENT IN MUSEUMS It was never so easy and pleasant to learn something new, especially for children
Concerte de muzica clasica Clubul de Cultura Bucuresti

Classical Music Concert

We teach children to accustom to a classical concert environment, and we tell them stories about composers and musical pieces they will hear.

Locatii Culturale Clubul de Cultura Bucuresti

Cultural attractions

We go together sight-seeing: we are your child’s guide at art and history museums, memorial houses and we also make short lectures into astronomy.

Joaca de a invata

Interactive Schedule

The Culture Club assignee emboldens the children and the teenagers to take part in the activities they develop. The new knowledge is absorbed through play and brainstorming.

Mic traseu urban arhitectural

Mini urban tour

Each cultural tour includes a small walking along the main streets during which the children and teenagers will learn a few things about the architectural styles of buildings and how they were modified according to history.

Piese de teatru în București


We watch together drama performances for children, we tell children stories about the play’s main themes, the sources of the text and the playwright life in order to settle into adventure world performed on the stage.

Diplomă de participare Portofoliul Elevului Bucuresti

Certificate of Attendance

Each child or teenager will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the activities developed by the Culture Club. This certificate is very useful for Pupil’s of Student’s Portfolio.

Spectacole de Operă și balet în București

Opera and Ballet Performances

Performances with heroes and heroines could be role models for your children.

Act artistic

Artistic Adventure

The cultural tour’s attendees will be guided by young teachers with pedagogical skills during the tours.


These are the advantages your child could achieve by attending our cultural tours:

Apreciere Critica

A well-informed person

The knowledge your child learns during a cultural tour can stimulate his common sense: he can become a small star explorer or can follow an archaeologist’s steps to perceive historical exhibits and learn how Bucharest became Romania’s capital.

Joaca de a invata

Learning turns into a game

It was never so easy to learn something new, especially for the little children. It was never so easy to learn something new, especially for the little children. It was never so easy to learn something new, especially for the little children.

Development of particular manifestation

The immediate access to cultural performance gives rise to creative emotions which improve the attendee’s personal statement. This type of evaluation resides in understanding the fundamental features of the work of art and in the ability to conceive the value of the work of art (historical, social and cultural background).

Exprimare individuala

The importance of cultural identity

During the tour, children and teenagers learn about the famous Romanians who developed astronomical studies and biodiversity research, about the Romanian artists famous abroad and about the traditional motives and symbols they used in their works of art.

Identitate culturala Bucuresti
Abilitati Artistice Copii

Artistic competence

The child and the teenager can identify and develop their creative potential by attending cultural events. This thing is possible due to the relaxed and entertaining atmosphere that children and teenagers experience during the entire cultural tour.

Understanding the natural variety

The child finds out about the balance between man and environment, he/she becomes aware that this state should be preserved. The detection of celestial bodies and Solar System could stimulate the children’s interest in science.

Înțelegerea diversității naturale


Erica was enthusiastic about the cultural tour, she felt good among the other children, she loved the activities and the Culture Club assignee explanations regarding the works of art in the museum. She liked the promenade between the two museums, the assignee and the sculptures because she discovered the body proportions. We are looking forward to take part in the next cultural tours.

Stefan loved the cultural tour, he enjoyed the works of art in the museum, he made a lot of photographs and he was pleased to hear stories about King Carol and Queen Mary. He wishes to attend Little Explorer tour because he is interested in astronomy.

The cultural tour named “The Entertaining Sunday for Children and Teenagers” helps the children to develop a balanced personality. The classical music concert conceived especially for children together with the discovery of masterpieces admired in museums through interplay and games bring for each one of the children education, fun and also a wonderful understanding of culture. I strongly recommend these weekend cultural tours.

I want to thank The Culture Club for the Sunday my daughter spent in such a pleasant way because and with you. I would like to thank you as well for your commitment to such a wonderful project in a dim world. Hereafter, we will follow interestedly your events for which I wish you good luck! Best wishes from Maria and her mother!

On the 19th February 2017, my little daughters spent such a delightful day, a day full of beautiful artistic information, a cultural tour aside a special person. Thank you, Marinela Florea! Eliana, Marisa and mommy!

My daughter Daria told me she was delighted because the artistic knowledge was adjusted to children’s capacity to understand and she wants to come to the next cultural tours organized by The Culture Club.   

The cultural tour was suitable to my daughter, Francesca. She is always interested in culture. I am so grateful that in such a dark world there are people who give children really special moments. Francesca enjoyed the concert and the painting exhibition and she wants to come to the next cultural tours as often as she can. I will recommend your cultural events!


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Jan Brueghel cel Batran - Buchet de flori tablou


The Romanian Athenaeum was built in 1888 after a public subscription made for the inhabitants of Bucharest?

The National Museum of Art of Romania is the former Royal Palace owned by King Charles I and Queen Elisabeth of Romania? The Romanian people inherited Charles I’s paintings.

You can admire the sculpture The Fight of Hercules with the Centaur by Ion Jalea in Herastrau Park.

The Cantacuzino Palace that became George Enescu Museum is one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in Bucharest.

In the National Military Museum, one can see the oldest representation of the Thracian Knight discovered in Romania. This representation is considered by many historians an archetype of Saint George.

The Gate of the Kiss by Constantin Brancusi appears in Satyricon movie (1969) directed by Federico Fellini.

In The National Museum of Art of Romania, there is a complete cycle representing seasons painted by the Flemish artist Pieter Brueghel the Younger?

At the National Museum of Romanian History,  one can admire the most beautiful thesaurus items from Romania: a jewel called The Hen with Golden Chicken  and The Casque from Cotofenesti ?

In 1926, the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi took to court an American revenue officer. The customs agent considered that The Bird in Space, a work of art by Brancusi, was an industrial item. The officer imposed for this metallic piece a tax of 210 US Dollars. This trial helped Brancusi to acquire fame, the prices for his artistic works were advancing very fast.