Terms and conditions

A cultural tour lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours, according to the tour.

The children who register for the cultural tours should be at least 8 years old.

No cultural tour take place during public holidays.

The children and the teenagers registered for a cultural tour will be accompanied by an adult/parent to the meeting place of the cultural tour. The meeting place and the hour for starting the cultural tour will be announced and confirmed by email. Please come to the meeting place 20 minutes earlier before the cultural event begins. The cultural tour will start at the preset time specified in the detailed schedule. If someone is coming later he/she will do that at his own risk.   

There is a maximum number of attendees for each cultural tour. If someone wants to retire from the cultural tour, he/she will send an email to announce this request. The amount paid by the person will be returned only if the subject/person will announce his/her retirement three days before the event.

A cultural tour takes place only when at least 8 children/teenagers will register for it. We reserve the right to cancel, reschedule or to mass the group of children/teenagers who are smaller than 8 attendees.

The goods and the diplomas issued by the Culture Club are subject to the copyright law and they cannot be reproduced, borrowed or forwarded to others/third party.

The brands and logos are legally trademarks for the Culture Club. They cannot be used in any way without the owner’s approval. The whole content of the site (dates, images, graphic items, symbols, texts etc) are the Culture Club’s property and it is defended by the trademark and copyright protection. The use of the items described above is an abuse and it is punished according to the law.  

The activities organized by the Culture Club develop the children’s and teenagers are an alternative education and are trying to replenish the school education with a cultural education.  

All the displayed on the site are in RON and contain VAT.

The payment for the cultural tours will be made online in the following account:  

RO03 BACX 0000 0011 7002 6000, Unicredit –  Sucursala Titulescu, or cash at the meeting place on the tour day.   

The Culture Club will not send to others/third party the customer’s personal data.

The cultural tours’ attendees will declare that:  

  • they will do everything to maintain all the social rules and the public order  
  • They agree that the Culture Club can publish on its social networks or site photos in which appear also my image
  • They will obey to the Culture Club assignee’s recommendations regarding their behaviour during the cultural tour, inclusively the forbiddance to shoot or publish pictures when this practice is not allowed.

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